AS and A2 Physics for Cambridge International Examinations

Available in Book & CD Format

AS advanced subsidiary physics

Deals with New Syllabus 9702 (2016 onwards)

Follows all Topics in Syllabus Order

23 Exam-style Questions, 34 Worked Examples, 63 structured Questions and 39 Multiple Choice Questions (all with Solutions at back)

Printed Book version:
ISBN: 1-898678-18-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-898678-18-2

Published November 2015

Printed Book version - £19.99

CD Rom version - £14.99
What people have said about this book:
"The author’s ability to explain physical theories and equations in a simple, clear, concise, yet detailed manner enables students of various abilities to use the book.
It includes over one hundred worked examples, as well as exam style questions which enables the reader to challenge/test them; this feature is perfect for self-study revision.  In terms of the layout, the subject content is easily identifiable in the index as a quick reference point."


(Also available as CD-ROM)