A bit of feedback from customers who had read the available books or CD's

A Level Physics for Cambridge International Examination:

quoteThis concise book by Dr David Nuttall provides a detailed insight into the world of A Level Physics.
Although written for the Cambridge International 9702 syllabus its factual and clear explanations makes it versatile for use by candidates studying alternative exam boards, due to the clear overlap in content. The author’s ability to explain physical theories and equations in a simple, clear, concise, yet detailed manner enables students of various abilities to use the book.
It includes over one hundred worked examples, as well as exam style questions which enables the reader to challenge/test them; this feature is perfect for self-study revision.  In terms of the layout, the subject content is easily identifiable in the index as a quick reference point.
Within the chapters, the use of italics and bold font assist the reader to pinpoint the most important pieces of information easily. What is unique about this book compared to other revision guides that I have used is that the text is spread out over numerous pages, rather than each chapter being crammed into one side of A4. This has enabled larger, precise diagrams which make it very easy to read and learn from.

My favourite feature of this book is the clear worked through mathematical solutions in the worked examples. When revising for A-level physics by completing past papers the mark scheme only reveals the answer rather then the method of how they came to that answer, whereas this book provides a clear, step by step method which can be applied to numerous exams styled questions.  (Additionally, due to covering AS and A2 syllabus in one book it is more concise with a natural follow-on.)  Overall the book leaves the reader with a positive user friendly experience. quote
  Katie Whiffin, A-Level Student

Edexcel, AQA(A) and OCR(A) - Questions & Worked Examples (CD):

quote Dr Nuttall's book fills a much needed gap in the current advanced level physics literature.
The text summarizes the requirements of the Edexcel, AQA and OCR (A) advanced level physics syllabuses. Uniquely this is done at sufficient depth that the book may be used as a textbook and as an aid to revision.

Mathematical methods are clearly expounded and this will be particularly useful to the student who is not studying pure mathematics with their physics A-Level. The book also serves as a text for undergraduate students who may have to take an introductory physics course as part of their studies. There are numerous examination questions with model answers.
Additionally a number of difficult multiple-choice questions have been included and students preparing for Oxbridge examinations would find these useful. With this in mind there is also sufficient material to challenge a wide range of abilities. quote
  Phillip Moroney, Advanced Level Physics Lecturer

quote This book covers every single detail you will need to know from A-Level physics. Even though I was studying OCR, I still found the book very valuable. There were many worked examples which appeared in OCR exams, and they were very enjoyable to understand. They are challenging and they are clearly stated with good solutions. The diagrams in the book are very precise and clear. This book has helped me gain great A-Level physics grades without a doubt.. quote
  Tom (A-Level student)

quote When studying OCR AS-Level physics, I found this book extremely helpful. The year syllabus is broken down into very manageable sections with key worked examples. Important formulae are clearly stated helping me understand each topic. The font is the right size, being very easy to read and clear diagrams make this a very ideal book to learn from. This is all contained within an attractive cover of various physics graphs and experiments. This is a very professional book that has helped me a lot. quote
  Tom (A-Level student)