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AS and A2 Book CoverCovers all topics in New Syllabus order. Mechanics, Materials, Waves, Optics, DC Electricity, Light and Photons, Fields, Capacitance, Particle Physics, Heat, SHM Theory and Astrophysics.

Written by an experienced tutor for both teachers and students, these Course Guides contain hints on examination techniques and are based on the requirements of the EDEXCEL AS and A2 Physics syllabus.

Over 100 Worked Examples, Appendices dealing with Base and Derived Units, Graphical treatment and Treatment of Errors.

AS and A2 Physics (Book)
ISBN 1-898678-09-X 978-1-898678-09-0


AS version of book also available
ISBN: 1-898678-08-1 978-1-898678-08-3
Published 2008